Instruction SOLIDHODL

This article explains how you can secure your recovery seed phrase of 12, 18 or 24 words with a SOLIDHODL.


A SOLIDHODL enables you to put your recovery seed into stainless steel. You can store 4 letters of 24 words on each SOLIDHODL plate and have the possibility to give it an 8 character name for administrative purposes. 

Why only 4 letters per word?

Each word from your recovery seed comes from the BIP39 word list. This is a list of 2048 words. A single word might be more than once in your recovery seed but each word of the BIP39 word list has unique first 4 letters. This makes you only need to store the first 4 letters of each word. 

Video instruction

Or do you prefer text and pictures? No problem. Scroll down further on this page.


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What do I need?

You yourself bring your recovery seed phrase written on paper (12, 18 or 24 words). When opening a SOLIDHODL you will find: 

  1. A Puncher Pen
  2. A Sleeve 
  3. One, two or three SOLIDHODL plates (depending on your version) 

Tips before you start

  • Use a stable, slippery-free, and flat surface.
  • Make sure you are in a place without distractions or other people.

Step 1

Place your own (written) recovery seed phrase next to the blank SOLIDHODL plate.


After that you place the sleeve around the plate with the open side showing the front side of the plate. Slide the opening of the slide 'column 1'.

Step 2

Make sure to always double-check the placement of the dots. Once you punch a dot in the SOLIDHODL plate, you will not be able to make any changes.


Punch the first four letters of word #1 in column #1. In case there are only three letters you punch the first three. When a word is four letters long in total you punch all four.


Within a column there are four sub-columns. The first letter goes in the first sub-column. The second letter goes in the second sub-column. The third letter goes in the third sub-column. The fourth letters goes in the fourth sub-column.



Make sure to hold the puncher pen with two hands when pressing down. It's best to hold the pen with your left or right hand and to place your other hand on top to be able to press down more easily. 


Step 3

Slide the opening of the Sleeve to 'column 2' and punch the first four letters of 'word 2' in 'column 2'.


Step 4

Repeat this process for the remaining words. 


If your recovery seed consists of 18 or 24 words, turn the plate over after you have punched 12 words. Start at 'column 13' for 'word 13'.

Step 5 (optional)

Do you have more than one plate? You can use the last column on each side to give your SOLIDHODL plate a name. This is very useful for administrative purposes. In total you have space for eight letters.


Step 6

Remove the Sleeve and store your SOLIDHODL in a safe place.

Extra steps

We advice you to take the following steps.


Test your backups. 

This means resetting and recovering your wallet using your SOLIDHODL plate. This way you know 100% certain the recovery seed phrase is added correctly to the SOLIDHODL plate. Only do this when you know 100% certain the recovery seed phrase you had written on paper is 100% correct. Some hardware wallets offer the functionality to test your backup without resetting your wallet.


Take personal responsibility in protecting your crypto assets. If a SOLIDHODL plate is your only backup, realize that you can lose access to your crypto if you lose your SOLIDHODL plate. Where do I keep my backup? Do I make multiple backups? These are questions you need to ask yourself.


If you want to dispose the paper version of your recovery seed backup, burn it. 

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